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> Does anybody here have any experience with the Elsevier API Program? [1]
> [1] Elsevier API -

I have had tiny success with the Elsevier API Program.

I first created an API key that is/was intended to be used from a particular IP address. This allowed me to sometimes download citation and abstract information from a few Elsevier-releated products using a REST-ful interface, but it did not allow me to download full text. Apparently because I was not “entitled”. 

Then some sort of contract was signed between the University and Elsevier. This contract was apparently returned to Elsevier, and consequently I have been able to create an access token for a text mining project as opposed to just an IP address. Using this second access token, I am able to programmatically download more articles. For example, using curl:

  curl -H "X-ELS-APIKey: secretKey" -H "Accept: text/xml"  

The resulting XML includes links to images, and I can get those like this:

  curl -H "X-ELS-APIKey: secretKey"

Using this functionality I ought to be able to:

  1. Create a rudimentary one-box, one-buton interface to search select Elsevier indexes.
  2. Return the results allowing the reader to select items of interest.
  3. Get the selected items and on-the-fly do text mining against the results. 

Yea, sure, in my copious spare time.

I sincerely believe that indexers will catch on to text mining interfaces to their content. Search. Get back hundreds and hundreds of hits. Do some sort of analysis and visualization against the result. Allow people to USE the content as oppose to just get it. 

Has anybody else had any experience with the Elsevier API?

Eric Lease Morgan