Weıre in the process of switching over from Wordpress to Libguides
(hopefully) and this sounds like it would be super helpful. While Iım
familiar with LibGuides (from other library work), the rest of our staff
here hasnıt had the opportunity to learn much about them.

So, however I can possibly help, Iıd love to jump in.

Holli Duggan
Distance Education & E-Resources Librarian
Link Library - Concordia University Nebraska
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On 9/30/14, 9:22 AM, "Brad Coffield" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I agree that it would be a bad idea to endeavor to create our own special
>standards that deviate from accepted web best practices and standards. My
>own thought was more towards a guide for librarians, curated by
>that provides a summary of best practices. On the one hand, something to
>help those without a deep tech background to quickly get up to speed with
>best practices instead of needing to conduct a lot of research and
>But beyond that, it would also be a resource that went deeper for those
>wanted to explore the literature.
>So, bullet points and short lists of information accompanied by links to
>additional resources etc. (So, right now, it sounds like a libguide lol)
>Though I do think there would potentially be additional information that
>did apply mostly/only to libraries and our particular sites etc. Off the
>top of my head: a thorough treatment and recommendations regarding
>libguides v2 and accessibility, customizing common library-used products
>(like Serial Solutions 360 link, Worldcat Local and all their competitors)
>so that they are most usable and accessible.
>At it's core, though, what I'm picturing is something where librarians get
>together and cut through the noise, pull out best web practices, and
>display them in a quickly digested format. Everything else would be the
>proverbial gravy.
>On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Michael Schofield <[log in to unmask]>
>> I am interested but I am a little hazy about what kind of standards you
>> all are suggesting. I would warn against creating standards that
>> with any actual web standards, because I--and, I think, many
>> honestly recommend that the #libweb should aspire to and adhere more
>> to larger web standards and best practices that conflict with something
>> that's more, ah, librarylike. Although that might not be what you folks
>> have in mind at all : ).
>> Michael S.
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>> Josh, thanks for separating this topic out and starting this new
>>thread. I
>> don't know of any such library standards that exist on the web. I agree
>> that this sounds like a great idea. As for this group or not... why not!
>> It's 2014 and they don't exist yet and they would be incredibly useful
>> many libraries, if not all. Now all we need is a cool 'working group'
>> for ourselves and we're halfway done! Right???
>> But seriously, I'd love to help.
>> Brad
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