Hey, Cliff!  Congratulations on the release of the software.  I took a look at the screenshots on and it seems like this is going to fill a needed niche.  

Could you add information about the package ( and its first release ( to FOSS4Lib?  Doing so will help others to find it, whether by the FOSS4Lib site or through announcements on its Twitter timeline or through automatic posting of FOSS4Lib items into the Code4Lib Planet RSS Feed Aggregator.  Iíll have the FOSS4Lib site sent you details about an account.



On Sep 4, 2014, at 9:28 AM, Cliff Landis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> *Apologies for cross-posting*
> Georgia State University Library releases Library Instruction Recorder plugin as Open Source
> As part of its commitment to the free culture movement<>, Georgia State University Library is pleased to announce the initial release of the Library Instruction Recorder (LIR). LIR is a free, open source WordPress plugin that allows librarians and library staff to record and report on library instruction sessions.
> User education is a core value of Librarianship<>, and Georgia State University Library takes that commitment seriously by providing a variety of instruction sessions<> and self-directed learning tools<> to both students<> and faculty<>. To continue recording and reporting on library instruction sessions, the library needed a tool that was simple, easy-to-use, effective, and focused solely on library instruction needs - finding none, we decided to create our own!
> LIR is available for download from the WordPress Plugin Directory<>, and the source code is available on BitBucket<>.
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