I think this was not clear in my original question (probably not a good idea to list LibAnswers and SP discussion board together). 

We are looking for the library KB for staff only, so it will be not publicly visible and, the access will be restricted to library staff only. 

Thanks for the suggestions! 


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I'm not sure what all is in LibAnswers, but SubjectsPlus has a talkback
module for publicly answering questions from patrons, e.g.,

and then an FAQ module, e.g.,

which is sprinkled with things that we think might be useful to patrons.

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> The new version of LibAnswers (we're currently playing around with a v2
> beta site) allows for separate knowledgebases, you can also set a
> knowledgebase to only be accessible by certain groups.  In our LA v2 beta
> site, we've set up a group for library staff FAQs.
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Open source alternative to LibAnswers as the library
> IT KB for library staff?
> Hi all
> Does anyone have a suggestion for the free open-source Q/A board + easily
> searchable KB comparable to LibAnswers? We already have LibAnswers for
> patrons. This is more for the library staff who submits a lot of similar or
> same questions to the Library IT help desk.
> It is an option to use the SharePoint Discussion Board but I am looking
> for an alternative since SP tends to get lukewarm responses from users in
> my experience.
> Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bohyun

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