Hi, I parked these links in my pile of links for later, perhaps they'll help you with your project?

Dashing is a nice framework to handle making a dashboard:

Here's a writeup of how someone used Raspberry Pis and TVs to put dashboards around their office.


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Hello all!

We're in the process of centralizing all of our disparate data points
(circ, door counts, chat ref, in-person interactions, db stats,
instruction, web analytics, social analytics) into a single DB.  We then
plan on building interactive visualizations on top of this data.

What are some visualization/charting/graphing libraries that would work for
this?  We have some ideas but wanted to hear what the c4l had to say about
it.  Thanks in advance!

This is what we have so far (social stats only).  We're using chart.js for

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