Thanks all,

This has given me a few things to work with and I think I can move forward. 


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Until recently, we had a "New Books" feature on our site that sorted out new books by LC classification (in addition to some other views).  I have attached a ZIP file containing:

1) An HTML file documenting the structure of the database table that it pulled our new book data from;

2) The PHP to load a subject area, using the first letter of the LC call number as a broad category.

It's not especially sophisticated, and it basically reiterates the broadest LC classifications, which may not make a whole lot of sense to some end users.  But perhaps you'll find it useful as a starting point.  
This one takes the letter from a parameter in the GET request, but you could easily get the call number from a database query and slice the first character off.

I'd love to show you a live copy, but unfortunately the New Books feature got decommissioned a couple weeks ago on the grounds that it took too much staff time to separate out new acquisitions.  They are now sent directly to the stacks with no markers in the catalog to differentiate them from any other book, so the corresponding web stuff was removed.

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