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I don't think this is possible using IFTTT right now as existing
channels don't exist to create a recipe. I'm trying to think of what
those channels would be and can't quite...I don't think IFTTT is the
best tool for this task.

What ILS are you using? Could you hook a barcode scanner up to a tablet
and scan, then check the MARC...nah, that's seeming almost as time
consuming as taking it to your desk (depending on how far your desk is).
I recall at an Evergreen hackfest that someone was tweaking the web
interface for an inventory type exercise, where it would show red or
green depending on some condition.


On 10/09/2014 11:52 AM, Harper, Cynthia wrote:
> Now that someone has mentioned IFTTT, I'm reading up on it and wonder if it could make this task possible:
> One of my tasks is copy cataloging. I'm only authorized to do LC copy, which involves opening the record (already downloaded in the acq process), and checking to see that 490 doesn't exist (I can't handle series), and looking for DLC in the 040 |a and |c.
> It's discouraging when I take 10 books back to my desk from the cataloging shelf, and all 10 are not eligible for copy cataloging.
> SOOOO...  could I take my phone to the cataloging shelf, use IFTTT to scan my ISBN, search in the III Webpac, look at the MARc record and tell me whether it's LC copy?
> Empower the frontline workers! :)
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