OCLC invites you to nominate library technologists for our next Developer House event<>, where participants will identify and work on hands-on projects putting OCLC Web services to work solving real-world problems for libraries and their users.

Sponsored by the <> OCLC Developer Network<>, Developer House is a place where library technologists can gather together for five days to share their perspectives and expertise as they hack on OCLC web services.

Participants will join us in Dublin December 1st - 5th, 2014 and can take advantage of dedicated time and space away from competing priorities to solve problems and sharpen skills while working on applications, code libraries, articles, or other projects employing OCLC Web services in support of libraries. There will be lots of room to spread out over couches, tables and bean bags while working alongside OCLC technical staff, learning and enjoying plenty of unstructured, hands-on work time.

This Developer House will aim at producing projects concentrated around users' discovery needs. There are a variety of projects to work on in this space, and they could include anything from targeted enhancements in existing interfaces to creating new discovery interfaces.  There is a lot of potential to explore in the emerging trends in Linked Data and Entity-based description, including the possibilities for bringing new, uncatalogued data into a discovery interface.

The OCLC Developer Network is now accepting nominations through September 22, 2014.  We're looking for innovative thinkers and problem solvers who are knowledgeable about discovery. Some demonstrated familiarity with APIs and OCLC Web services will be considered beneficial.  If you know someone who's been thinking creatively about discovery, please encourage their nomination. Self-nominations are also welcome. Apply and carve out some time to take a bite out of this exciting problem space.

Nominate someone today!<>

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