Code4Lib 2015 is a loosely-structured conference that provides people
working at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage
and technology with a chance to share ideas, be inspired, and forge
collaborations. For more information about the Code4Lib community, please

The conference will be held at the Portland Hilton & Executive Tower in
Portland, Oregon
from February 9-12, 2015.

Proposals for Prepared Talks:

We encourage everyone to propose a talk.

Prepared talks are 20 minutes (including setup and questions), and should
focus on one or more of the following areas:


   Projects you've worked on which incorporate innovative implementation of
   existing technologies and/or development of new software

   Tools and technologies – How to get the most out of existing tools,
   standards and protocols (and ideas on how to make them better)

   Technical issues - Big issues in library technology that should be
   addressed or better understood

   Relevant non-technical issues – Concerns of interest to the Code4Lib
   community which are not strictly technical in nature, e.g. collaboration,
   diversity, organizational challenges, etc.

To Propose a Talk


   Log in to the Code4Lib wiki and edit the wiki page using the
   prescribed format. If you are not already registered, follow the
   instructions to do so.

   Provide a title and brief (500 words or fewer) description of your
   proposed talk.

   If you so choose, you may also indicate when, if ever, you have
   presented at a prior Code4Lib conference. This information is completely
   optional, but it may assist voters in opening the conference to new

As in past years, the Code4Lib community will vote on proposals that they
would like to see included in the program. The top 10 proposals are
guaranteed a slot at the conference. The Program Committee will curate the
remainder of the program in an effort to ensure diversity in program
content and presenters.  Community votes will, of course, still weigh
heavily in these decisions.

Presenters whose proposals are selected for inclusion in the program will
be guaranteed an opportunity to register for the conference. The standard
conference registration fee will still apply.
Proposals can be submitted through Friday, November 7, 2014 at 5pm PST
(GMT−8). Voting will start on November 11, 2014 and continue through
November 25, 2014. The URL to submit votes will be announced on the
Code4Lib website and mailing list and will require an active
account to participate. The final list of presentations will be announced
in early- to mid-December.

On behalf of the Code4Lib 2015 Program Committee,

Chris Beer Digital Library Systems and Services Stanford University