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Subject: [DIGLIB] MIREX GC14UX: Music Retrieval Grand Challenge 2014 User Experience data available

Dear Colleagues:

The Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) Grand Challenge 2014 User Experience (GC14UX) data is now available. 

The 10,000 tracks in GC14UX are sampled (w.r.t. maximizing music variety) from the Jamendo collection with CC-BY license and made available for participants (system developers) to download to build their systems. It represents a randomly chosen subset the content available at Jamendo that is published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike (by-nc-sa), where user-supplied data has tagged a track with 1 or more genre categories. For more details about usage of this dataset, see the LICENSE.txt file contained in the downloaded files.

The dataset contains the MP3 tracks and the metadata the Jamendo site publishes on the respective items (represented in JSON format), retrieved using the site's API (6th Aug 2014). The dataset is available both zipped up and as a tar-ball(you only need one of these); however, at 60+ Gb it is a non-trival size of file to download over the web, and so we suggest you install a Download Manager extension to your browser if you do not already have one and make use of that. In a test using the DownThemAll! extension to Firefox, downloading the dataset between University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Waikato University in New Zealand took a little under 2 hours.

You need to register to download the main dataset. If you have already submitted something to MIREX, your previous registration should still work. Once registered, you can download the data and explore the GC14UX set up. At the GC14UX site, a demo version of the evaluation system also available under the "Evaluator Login" option. Please do explore it. 

Data available after logging in:

Informetric profile of the selected tracks:

Information about GC14UX:

Submission deadline (updated):
28 September 2014

Cheers and thanks,

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