NISO Launches Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) Standing Committee 

Comments and suggestions welcome for maintenance and promotion of the
recommended practice


The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is pleased to
announce the next phase for the Open Discovery Initiative, a project that
explores community interactions in the realm of indexed discovery services.
Following the working group's recommendation to create an ongoing standing
committee as outlined in the published recommended practice, Open Discovery
Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery (NISO RP-19-2014), NISO has
formed a new standing committee reflecting a balance of stakeholders, with
member representation from content providers, discovery providers, and
libraries. The ODI Standing Committee will promote education about adoption
of the ODI Recommended Practice, provide support for content providers and
discovery providers during adoption, conduct a forum for ongoing discussion
related to all aspects of discovery platforms for all stakeholders, and
determine timing for additional actions that were outlined in the
recommended practice.

"Discovery systems are critical to the research ecosystem," states Laura
Morse, ODI Standing Committee Co-chair and Director, Library Systems,
Harvard University. "Working with content and discovery providers to ensure
that all content, whether it is licensed or openly available, can be
discovered by library users regardless of the institution's choice of
discovery system is core to supporting research, teaching, and learning. The
ODI Standing Committee will build on the work of the original ODI Working
Group to promote content neutrality and the widespread adoption of all
tenets of the recommended practice by discovery service providers, content
providers, and libraries." 

"The ODI Recommended Practice provides a rich framework within which content
providers and discovery service suppliers can drive collaborative
improvements toward a smooth and comprehensive library search experience,"
states Lettie Conrad, ODI Standing Committee Co-chair and Executive Manager,
Online Products, SAGE. "We must work together across the industry to fully
realize the vision of indexed discovery services, which is made possible by
NISO's leadership and guidance through the standards formation process. The
Standing Committee invites suggestions from the community on how we can best
promote and enable adoption of the NISO ODI Recommended Practice."

"Uptake of NISO's recommendations is always aided when community members are
willing to continue working together as a Standing Committee," explains
Nettie Lagace, Associate Director for Programs at NISO. "As stakeholders
utilize the NISO documents and discuss potential areas of further work, the
benefits of relying on a group of their peers to educate them and provide
support cannot be underestimated. NISO is grateful to the members of the
Standing Committee for contributing their time to these ongoing efforts." 

More information about the ODI Standing Committee and the Open Discovery
Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery (NISO RP-19-2014)
recommended practice are available from the Open Discovery Initiative
webpage on the NISO website at:  <> You may join the ODI Interest Group e-mail list
at: To provide input on promotion,
adoption, and maintenance of the recommended practice, send an e-mail to
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Cynthia Hodgson
Technical Editor / Consultant
National Information Standards Organization
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