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I'm not sure I can join the call, but in reading the document I'm concerned that readers could get confused. It is mixing up two topics: migrating assets (digital objects) to new storage media, and migrating systems (which can involve migrating infrastructure, assets, and metadata). 

Would it be helpful to make two documents: one specific to migrating assets/objects to new media, and one encompassing migrating to a new system? A document on migrating assets to new media is simpler to tackle, and likely more people are in need of immediate guidance for that workflow than in migrating to a new system. 

However, re: migrating to a new system: I know the document isn't intended to be in-depth, but I fear that the steps outlined are too superficial and will beg more questions. If left in this structure, it should be stressed even more that migrating to a new system is a complex process. Item #6 in the "Before You Migrate" section should be at the very top: one must perform functional requirements in the new system and do a gap analysis so customizations can be implemented well before any migration is done. 

Some questions or points of analysis that could be added: (1) Filenames. Often systems change filenames upon ingest, which they shouldn't do in a preservation environment. Check what the new system will do to filenames upon ingest. (2) How are Unique IDs and links between the metadata and asset retained? (3) How are relationships between objects retained? 


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Infrastructure team/Trevor -
great job, this document is really going to be useful.

I added a couple of ideas/comments to the google drive document, use as you see fit. I have a meeting that will likely run over so will join late.

The comment at the end about adding tools is IMO an excellent one, and I am keen to assist with this (I'll weigh in after the fact if I miss this part today).


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Subject: [NDSA-INFRASTRUCTURE] Reminder: Call 2:00 PM Oct 28th
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Hi Everyone, 
Just a quick reminder about our upcomming working group call next week.
This month is a working call. If you haven’t already done so, it would be great if you could review the draft migrations check list document.
Asside from that, we can report out on some of the initial analysis of the storage survey data and discuss ideas for future presentations on projects. The November call will be a presentation from the POWRR project. 
Link ot the Migrations Doc for review/discussion
Date: Oct 28th (Tuesday)
Time: 2:00 EST
Call # 877-299-5123 
Best, Trevor