Hi all,

This is just a quick reminder about Monday’s S&P monthly call (10/20, 1 pm Eastern)….


…and about the Google Doc that’s open for you to submit questions. If you get a chance, please add a question or two for our returning September presenters:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BfyBk0TQRnqqj2Nvj_q4p_IBs2FkjCsRLvJzi3IcRig/edit  





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Subject: [NDSA-STANDARDS] NDSA Standards & Practices Monthly call - agenda and info for Monday, 10/20, 1 pm Eastern


Hi all,

Here is our agenda and the call-in information for Monday’s Standards and Practices Working Group call (10/20, 1-2 pm Eastern).  We will continue the topic from our September call on Optical Media. We will have 2 additional speakers but we expect most of the time to be devoted to discussion. Thanks in advance to our speakers from September, who will be returning to answer your questions and to contribute to the discussion.  


Please submit questions for our returning speakers in advance:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BfyBk0TQRnqqj2Nvj_q4p_IBs2FkjCsRLvJzi3IcRig/edit


Notes from the last call can be found here: http://www.loc.gov/extranet/wiki/osi/ndiip/ndsa/index.php?title=September_15,_2014_Standards_and_Practices_Working_Group_Agenda_and_Notes


We also recorded the call. To access the recording, click here:

https://locosi.adobeconnect.com/p8lhxq2x686/   (approx. 56 mins)

Enter passcode: NDSA


Hope everyone can make it!


== Adobe Connect online meeting information ==

•             Go to https://locosi.adobeconnect.com/digitalpreservation  

•             Enter your full name and institution in the text box, for example Barrie Howard (Library of Congress)

•             Click the “Enter” Room button

•             Dial 877-299-5123 for audio


Meeting Agenda


Administrivia (New member introductions, call for note taker)


Announcements and Project Updates

-Video survey status

-Email exploration – tools demos


Main Discussion Topic: Optical Discs


Presentations from:

-John Spencer, BMS/Chace

-Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig, Smithsonian Institution Archives




Wrap up



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