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> To be honest I absolutely hate the whole reputation and badge system for
> exactly the reasons you outline, but I can't deny that I do find the family
> of Stack Exchange sites extremely useful and by comparison Listservs just
> seem very archaic to me as it's all too easy for a question (and/or its
> answer) to drop through the cracks of a popular discussion. Are Listservs
> really the best way to deal with help? I would even prefer a Drupal site...

The advantage of a list that gets pushed out to everyone is that it is an
ongoing conversation that helps the community keep connected and grow. Even
if technical assistance is a part of that conversation, I see that as a
secondary benefit.

That basic questions get repeated and that questions/answers sometimes get
off track is not a problem. Quite the opposite, this format draws more
people into the conversation and makes it easier for them to connect with
others, contribute, and be inspired to do more.