We're migrating from CONTENTdm and trying to figure out how to display
compound objects (or the things formerly known as compound objects) and
metadata for the end user. Can anyone point me to really good examples of
displaying items like this, especially where the user can see metadata for
parts of the whole? I'm looking more for examples of the layout of all the
different components on the page (or pages) rather than specific image
viewers. Our new system is homegrown, so we have a lot of flexibility in
deciding where things go.

We essentially have:
-the physical item (multiple files per item of images of text, plain
text, pdf)
-metadata about the item
-possibly metadata about a part of the item (think title/author/subjects
for a newspaper article within the whole newspaper issue), of which the
titles might be used for navigation through the whole item.

I think Hathi Trust has a good example of all these components coming
together (except viewing non-title metadata for parts), and I'm curious if
there are others. Or do most places just skip creating/displaying any kind
of metadata for the parts of the whole?

Thanks for any help!

Laura Buchholz
Digital Assets Specialist
Reed College
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