Hi all,

I wonder if libraries that manage their own networks, either academic or
public, would be willing to share their wifi / network use policies with
me?  I'm working with the city of Chattanooga to separate our library's 4th
Floor GigLab <> from the city's network.  The 4th
Floor is our library's beta space / makerspace / civic lab, and we are
constantly running public experiments of one kind or another here.  Our ISP
has given us a separate 1gig fiber drop for this space, and we intend to
use (or keep using) the whole area as a public laboratory to experiment
with the network, hardware, and software.

So... I need to get a policy to city legal for review and to my board
before we actually make this separation.  I don't really want to go to jail
when someone hacks North Korea from the library's GigLab.

Thanks for any documents or input you all might provide,


Nate Hill
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