On 1/26/15 4:43 PM, Salazar, Christina wrote:
> In order to keep some presenters from being streamed and others not would require the presentation line up (including whether ALL of the presenters who are included on an individual presentation) to be made available to the filming crew in advance, for that line up not to change (for example, to run behind schedule), it would require quite a bit of babysitting of the "piece of paper" to make sure it was to hand at the time it's needed... I'm sure there's more that I don't know.
> Because the broadcast is live, it's really NOT as simple as sticking up a piece of paper when someone comes on who doesn't want to be filmed because ONCE you've inadvertently filmed someone the cat is out of the bag - their image is out there for the world to see - it requires a bit of planning and thought (as I imagine) before the person is standing there getting filmed.
> Cary and Riley (others) film C4L for fun and for free and may (????) want to actually do stuff other than juggling pieces of paper (like take a restroom break, perhaps?).
> I believe Cary's and Riley's assessment that this is burdensome cos I can just imagine how this would be if *I* had to do it. Both have way more experience with this than me (er... I have none), but still, as I understand it, this is more than they feel comfortable taking on.
> (Haven't you watched them - they actually DO bring some production values to this, too.)

Hey Christina.

FWIW I did the recording in 2013. Yeah it is a slog that I swore away
from. So in that regard you are absolutely correct. That said, with a
minimal planning sticking a paper ought to do the job. Unless I'm
missing the bleeding obvious.

Perhaps not for Lightning Talks but for prepared talks almost certainly.

Let's say our Tuesday line up is

Moe, Larry and Curly.

Larry has no interest in being photographed. Unlike Lightning talks
which have everyone standing right in front of the stage or dais you can
(working with Larry tell him to avoid the front of the room) Tara has
volunteered to do this type thing. As soon as Moe is done we go dark.
Until Larry has completely gone of stage... or a close approximation of

Yes it is work. Tara's volunteered to do this I think she should be
taken up on it. (Hi Tara)


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