Your examples are similar to what I am hoping for. Can you explain a little
bit more what system you used for backend to store image URLs and Object


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At UCSD, we have complex objects which range from a flat list of files (e.g.
page images):

all the way up to pretty involved hierarchy modeling a filesystem:

Many of these have a hierarchy with files attached, but not much metadata
for the individual parts.  But there are also some objects with more
metadata for each part:


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> We're migrating from CONTENTdm and trying to figure out how to display 
> compound objects (or the things formerly known as compound objects) 
> and metadata for the end user. Can anyone point me to really good 
> examples of displaying items like this, especially where the user can 
> see metadata for parts of the whole? I'm looking more for examples of 
> the layout of all the different components on the page (or pages) 
> rather than specific image viewers. Our new system is homegrown, so we 
> have a lot of flexibility in deciding where things go.
> We essentially have:
> -the physical item (multiple files per item of images of text, plain 
> text, pdf) -metadata about the item -possibly metadata about a part of 
> the item (think title/author/subjects for a newspaper article within 
> the whole newspaper issue), of which the titles might be used for 
> navigation through the whole item.
> I think Hathi Trust has a good example of all these components coming 
> together (except viewing non-title metadata for parts), and I'm 
> curious if there are others. Or do most places just skip 
> creating/displaying any kind of metadata for the parts of the whole?
> Thanks for any help!
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