So we have to humanly check the skinny books with labels on the covers?

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Hi Cab,

>Thoughts on how best to tackle this? And no, shelf-reading while 
is not an acceptable solution :-)

Awww, but you can shelf read with your phone! They claim to have an inventory part in development, but I am unaware of the ETA of the feature. I do know one of the main folks behind the app, though, if you want more info.


Becky Yoose
Discovery and Integrated Systems Librarian Grinnell College Libraries

On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 1:32 PM, Cab Vinton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> We're doing inventory here and would love to combine this with finding 
> items out of call number order. (The inventory process simply updates 
> the datelastseen field.)
> Koha's inventory tool generates an XLS file in the following format 
> (barcodes, too, actually):
>   Title Author Call number  The last jihad : Rosenberg, Joel, FIC 
> ROSEN Home repair / Rosenbarg, Liz. FIC ROSEN  Abuse of power / Rosen, 
> Fred. FIC ROSEN  California angel / Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor. FIC ROSEN 
> What we'd ideally like is a programmatic method of:
> 1./ identifying items like Home Repair and Abuse of Power, and
> 2./ specifying where such misshelved titles are currently located.
> For fiction, we're mostly concerned with authors out of order (i.e., 
> title order *within* the same author can be ignored). For non-fiction, 
> Dewey/ call number order is, of course, the desired result.
> Thoughts on how best to tackle this? And no, shelf-reading while 
> scanning is not an acceptable solution :-)
> My VBA skills are seriously rusty at this point, and there are some 
> complicating factors (e.g,. how to handle to books in a row which are 
> misshelved -- the second book's location should be compared to the 
> last correctly shelved book; see Rosen/ Rosenberg above).
> Has this wheel already been invented?
> Grateful for any & all suggestions!
> Best,
> Cab Vinton, Director
> Plaistow Public Library
> Plaistow, NH