What you are talking about isn’t a Drupal module, its just something that can be readily built in Drupal.  

the structured documentation is a content type.

create and edit are thing you do to content types.

interlinking is a content type referencing whose name escapes me at the moment.

classifying in drupal is taxonomy which has many different ways to do it.

drupal has a variety of analytics and logging modules

There is a drupal LDAP module, although never used it.

If you really want I can setup an example of what it would look like if you send me an idea of what you want the structured documentation to look to and look like.  

The disadvantage using Drupal in this instance is that you have to take a little more time putting it together then a drop in place solution.  The advantages are quite great because you can make it work how you want it to and not how someone else thought to do it.  Secondly once you have a Drupal installation setup doing one thing, adding another feature for the same group of users.  And once you have a bunch of stuff on one Drupal installation you can do up a dashboard for users to see what of importance is going on with all the different things.


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From: Stuart A. Yeates
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To: Code for Libraries

I'm looking for recommendations for a structured help platform.

By that I mean a tool by which a broad range of staff can create,
edit, inter-link, classify and maintain a set of structured
documentation for fixing problems and resolving issues.

Open source, closed source and hosted solutions considered, but the
platform must enforce structure (i.e. not a wiki); do LDAP / SAML /
etc; decent reporting of high-use docs; and be easy to use for
literate non-techies.

It seems like there should be a drupal module or something for this,
but for the life of me I can't see it (but then there are a confusing

Pointers to accounts of other people doing similar things also readily accepted.

...let us be heard from red core to black sky