Just a reminder that DPLA's free Metadata Aggregation Webinar will be held
tomorrow, *January 22nd, at 2 p.m. eastern*.

The webinar will examine the aggregation best practices at two of our DPLA
Service Hubs, as the basis of a conversation about metadata aggregation
practices among our Hubs. In addition, DPLA has been working on some new
tools for metadata aggregation and quality control that we’d like to share.
We’ll preview some of our plans and hope to get feedback on future



   Lisa Gregory and Stephanie Williams of the North Carolina Digital
   Heritage Center <>

   Heather Gilbert and Tyler Mobley of the South Carolina Digital Library

   Gretchen Gueguen <> of DPLA

Please see our post at the DPLA blog for more details and registration

The webinar will be recorded and available on DPLA's blog after the 22nd.

Gretchen Gueguen
Data Services Coordinator
Digital Public Library of America