Hi, Nate!

Here's the Internet Use Policy that we display for all our public computers when they log on:

"These are Pierce County Library System's rules for use of the Internet. Failure to use this service appropriately and responsibly may result in suspension of Internet use privileges, library privileges, and/or criminal prosecution.

*        Refrain from deliberately accessing illegal sites.

*        Comply with copyright laws or software licensing restrictions.

*        Do not make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software; alter software configurations; cause degradation of system performance.

*        Respect the privacy of others.

*        Refrain from any activity which is disruptive, libelous or slanderous.

The library staff may request computer users to move to another location or vacate a station in order to ensure equitable use for all patrons. Any person showing a lack of cooperation with library staff in the use of the Internet is subject to being restricted from using it.

Be a smart consumer of information. Evaluate information for accuracy, completeness, and validity. Remember, the safest use of the Internet is to provide no personal information.

I have read and understand the Library guidelines for Internet use."

(Which can seem a bit hardcore, now that I've typed them out. I wonder how many people actually read them when they log in to know what they're agreeing to?)


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Subject: Re: wifi / network use policies

This is the one we use for our Guest/Student network

By accessing this network you agree to the following:



<li>You will not utilize this network for any illegal purpose</li> <li>You will not utilize this network in such a way that may degrade the performance of the network for others</li> <li>Usage of this network may be revoked at any time for any reason deemed by Charlotte United Christian Academy</li> <li>You agree to hold Charlotte United Christian Academy and Associated Organizations blameless in any issues that may arise</li> </ul> If you have any issues please contact IT Services


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] wifi / network use policies

Hi all,

I wonder if libraries that manage their own networks, either academic or public, would be willing to share their wifi / network use policies with me?  I'm working with the city of Chattanooga to separate our library's 4th Floor GigLab <> from the city's network.  The 4th Floor is our library's beta space / makerspace / civic lab, and we are constantly running public experiments of one kind or another here.  Our ISP has given us a separate 1gig fiber drop for this space, and we intend to use (or keep using) the whole area as a public laboratory to experiment with the network, hardware, and software.

So... I need to get a policy to city legal for review and to my board before we actually make this separation.  I don't really want to go to jail when someone hacks North Korea from the library's GigLab.

Thanks for any documents or input you all might provide,



Nate Hill

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