Dear Colleagues,

Please join us for a free, one-hour webinar on metadata aggregation at scale, and DPLA workflows and our future development in this area. 

The webinar will take place on January 22nd, at 2pm Eastern.  Read on for details and registration information.


Metadata is basis of the work of DPLA. We rely on a growing network of hubs that aggregate metadata from partners, then we, in turn, aggregate the hubs’ metadata into the DPLA datastore.

As we continue to grow our hub network, we have found the practical matter of how to aggregate partner metadata and deal with quality control over the resulting aggregated set becomes our biggest challenge.

The webinar will examine the aggregation best practices at two of our DPLA Service Hubs, as the basis of a conversation about metadata aggregation practices among our Hubs. In addition, DPLA has been working on some new tools for metadata aggregation and quality control that we’d like to share. We’ll preview some of our plans and hope to get feedback on future directions.



This webinar is offered to the public. Please register ahead of the event to ensure that you get a seat. Since we’ll be limited to 100 seats, please limit registration to no more than two seats per organization.

Gretchen Gueguen
Data Services Coordinator
Digital Public Library of America

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