Hi all,

Our next infrastructure call is on Tues, Jan 27 at 2:00 EST.

The agenda:

  *   welcome any newcomers
  *   check in to see where the group is to date
  *   Status of migration document
  *   Any new presenters to suggest
  *   Wiki page update? Any volunteers to help?
  *   Thoughts on next projects

Many thanks,
Karen and Trevor

The call-in info is: via Adobe Connect:

1.      Go to
2.      Enter your name in the text box
3.      Click the "Enter Room" button
4.      Dial 877-299-5123 for audio

The web conferencing and audio portions of the setup are not integrated, you will need to dial-in to the phone number in order to experience audio.

Please be sure to check the wiki for our last meeting notes and action items:,_November_22,_2011