Participants from NDSA member organizations are invited to join the demo and discussion of Harvard University Library's Electronic Archiving Service with Andrea Goethals, Wendy Gogel, Grainne Reilly and Skip Kendall.  Andrea is the Manager of Digital Preservation and Repository Services, Wendy is Manager of Digital Content and Projects, Grainne is the Senior Digital Library Software Engineer, and Skip is the Senior Collection Development and Electronic Records Archivist. This is the third in a series of demos and presentations to showcase tools available for processing and assessing email archives.

Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 2 -3 pm Eastern
Tool: EAS
Presenters: Andrea Goethals, Wendy Gogel, Grainne Reilly and Skip Kendall, Harvard University
Description: EAS is the Electronic Archiving System, which along with EASi, its User Interface (UI) for archivists, is a prototype system being developed in LTS for archiving electronic content at Harvard. Initially, the system is being designed to permit ingest, archival processing and transfer to the Digital Repository Service (DRS) for long term preservation of email. In the future, the system will accommodate additional born-digital formats.

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Please note: Our web conferencing system is limited to the first 100 participants.  We encourage individuals at the same institution to get together and participate via a single login, if possible, to allow for as many participants to join the session.

There will be plenty of time for questions so please chime in with them following the demo.

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