Hello all,

Last week there were a few posts about finding a list of open source
projects. I would like to point everyone towards the EuropeanaTech FLOSS

The list features almost 300 OS tools that are relevant for the digital
cultural heritage/digital humanities sector.

Currently I am the only one actively managing the list. As you could
imagine, staying up-to-date with new releases and new additions is quite

So feel free to browse around the inventory, if you see some of your own
work on there and it needs updating feel free to tell me! If some of your
favorite tools aren't on the list feel free to send me links to their
github and I will add them.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to your contributions.




*Gregory Markus*

Project Assistant

EuropeanaTech Community Manager

*T* 0612350556

*Aanwezig:* - ma, di, wo, do, vr