I'm definitely interested. I've done iOS and some HTML5 development. I'm
unable to attend Code4Lib this year, however. Feel free to reach out
whenever you return from the conference.


On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 8:05 AM, Keith Gilbertson <[log in to unmask]>

> Hello,
> I thought that a fun first project for getting involved in mobile app
> development might be some sort of code4lib app.
> I've done some initial prototyping, with a "throw this one away" attitude,
> to try to explore the possibilities.
> Work has barely started on prototyping:
> - a conference module
> - a journal module
> and also imagined were:
> - a swag store module
> - a code4lib jobs module
> The prototyping has mostly served to highlight two challenges in developing
> this particular app.
> 1. This may be better as a multi-person effort, especially given the number
> of mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, HTML5 mobile, FireFox
> OS, etc.) and the need to integrate the app with existing technologies
> 2. Some input is needed from code4lib members on what would actually be
> useful as a mobile app, if anything. The pieces I've prototyped thus far
> are done better elsewhere.
> So I'm at code4lib 2015, and am interested in talking with people who have
> experience or interest in mobile app design, development, documentation,
> etc. Can we chat?
> Also, if you have an iOS device with the latest version of iOS and want to
> see the state of the current prototype, send me your email address. Andrea
> Ogier spent some time testing deployment of the prototype to other devices
> for testing, and it seems to work fine. Don't expect much at this point;
> it's buggy, ugly, and doesn't add value at this iteration, but it may be a
> starting point for discussion.
>  A special word of warning about the included main conference schedule;
> it's using real data, but due to shortcuts taken during prototyping, it
> won't update as the conference schedule changes unless I actually release a
> new version of the prototype. It's done better on paper, website, and
> lanyrd.
> Ramble ramble ramble,
> Keith