Hi Rob,
Yes, you are limited in the behavior you can apply when using "multiple 
field settings" in views.  You are probably going to want to play with 
two different approaches:

1) Perhaps you could "Group By" date for your web-calendar view. For 

2) You could also split out your content types so you have a 
"Time-block" content type and use Entity References to pull other 
content types' data in, such as "Screenings" or "Classes".  Then your 
web-calendar view would query the Time-block content type and populate 
your calendar as expected.


On 2/23/15 2:08 PM, Rob Dumas wrote:
> Right now, my partner and I are building a site for a local arts education
> group using a design started (but left unfinished) by someone else. The
> site is built using Drupal 7 with Views/Fields/Panels.
> There are a few content types used in the site:
> ## Screenings
> A Screening has a number of Fields such as *Director*, *Description*,
> *Featured Image*, etc. It also contains a Field Collection called Screening
> Dates, which allows the editor to attach multiple
> datetime/location/tickets-url sets.
> ## Classes and Class Sessions
> A Class is a general content type which contains general info about a
> course: *Title*, *Description*, *Tuition*, *Instructor*, etc. A Class
> Session asks the editor to select a Class (or fill in a field for "one-off"
> sessions) and includes fields for *Registration URL* and *Class Dates*
> (multiple entries allowed).
> ## Where We're Stuck
> The client wants a Calendar which lists all of the Screenings and Class
> Sessions. I can pull in the Class Sessions, but they only show on their
> first date, they show all of the dates on that one entry... and I can't
> seem to pull in the Screenings at all.
> Screenshots can be found in [this imgur album](