A gentle reminder for those considering to host a Code4lib Conference. 
What follows is an echo of my message from last month and we still have 
no submissions. If you are on the fence look my up in PDX if you need to 

The Code4Lib Community is calling for proposals to host the eleventh 
annual Code4Lib Conference in 2016. Prior to submitting a proposal we 
recommend reviewing the conference hosting web page [0] and How To Plan 
a Code4LibCon on the wiki [1] to learn more about the kind of venue the 
community seeks and the responsibilities involved with hosting the 

The deadline for proposals is midnight PST Friday February 20th 2015. 
The decision will be made by a Diebold-otron approved popular vote. 
Voting will begin on or around Monday February 23rd, 2015 and will 
continue until midnight PST March 6th, 2015. The results of the vote 
will be announced Monday morning on March 9th and emailed out to the 

You can apply by making your pitch to the Code4Lib Conference Planning 
list [2] and linking to your proposal on the 2015 Hosting Proposals wiki 
page [3]; attention to the criteria listed on the conference hosting 
page is appreciated. Good luck!

Here's a sample of past successful cities





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