Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) Project Manager 
Kuali Foundation

The Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) project is the first system designed
by and for academic and research libraries for managing and delivering
intellectual information. An important element of Kuali
software is its service-oriented architecture and use of enterprise class
middleware, Kuali RICE. Kuali RICE provides identity
management, workflow, and the Kuali development framework.

Kuali OLE is a community of partners delivering an enterprise-ready,
community-sourced software package to manage and provide access not only to
items in their collections but also to licensed and local digital content. The
Kuali OLE project features a governance model in which the entire library
community can collaborate to own the resulting intellectual property.

**Job Description**  
The OLE Project Manager oversees the development and support of software for
the Kuali OLE and associated systems. The Project Manager
must have strong leadership, motivational, teamwork, and consensus-building
skills in order to effectively set and accomplish strategic goals and
objectives for OLE. This position is responsible for
leading an advanced team of system engineers through the system development
process. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the stability and
reliability of OLE, and for managing software releases and infrastructure
upgrades as well as long range planning for the future technical direction of
OLE. This includes providing a technical migration path
from one release to the next; while requiring minimal impact to implementing

The OLE Project Manager is a critical management position providing advice and
support to the OLE Functional Council and OLE Board
Chairs. Under the direction of the Kuali
Foundation Executive Director, this position ensures that the strategic and
technological goals of OLE development are in line with and support the
strategic goals of the Kuali Foundation as a whole.

The OLE Project Manager develops and manages the overall project plan for each
release of OLE. The Project Manager
assists the OLE Functional Council in defining the scope of each software
release based on contributed resources, complexity and potential
risks. The Project Manager also oversees the support and
maintenance of previous releases of OLE software based on the priorities set
forth by the OLE Functional Council. The Project Manager
will be responsible for overall budgeting and will report to the Board on
status of revenues, expenses, and need for resources.

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