Ann - I thought I'd refer part of your question to Code4lib.  

As far as having to click to get the linked data: systems that use linked data will be built to transit the link without the user being aware - it's the system that will follow that link and find the distributed data, then display it as it is programmed to do so.

I think Code4libbers will know more about my question about distributed INDEXES?  This is my rudimentary knowledge of linked data - that the indexing process will have to transit the links, and build a local index to the data, even if in displaying the individual "records", it goes again out to the source.  But are there examples of distributed systems that have distributed INDEXES?  Or Am I wrong in envisioning an index as a separate entity from the data in today's technology?

Cindy Harper

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What I haven't read, but what I have wondered about, is whether so far, linked DATA is distributed, but the INDEXES are local?  Is there any example of a system with distributed INDEXES?

Cindy Harper
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I was just wondering how linked data will affect OPAC searching and discovery vs. a record with text approach. For example, we have various 856 links to publisher, summary and biographical information in our OPAC as well as ISBNs linking to ContentCafe. But none of that content is discoverable in the OPAC and it requires a further click on the part of patrons (many of whom won't click).

Ann Williams

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