Yayyy!! Thank you all. I think this is a TREMENDOUS service to C4L.

Christina Salazar
Systems Librarian
John Spoor Broome Library
California State University, Channel Islands

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Code4LibCon video crew thanks

I want to deeply thank Ashley Blewer, Steven Anderson and Josh Wilson for running the video streaming and capture at Code4LibCon in Portland. Because of you, we had great video in real time (and I got to actually watch the presentations). I also want to again thank Riley Childs, who could not make it this year. Riley moved the bar up last year by putting together our YouTube presence.

For the second year running, we requested and were not allowed to setup and test the day before, and for the second year running lost part of the opening session. Fortunately, we did capture most of what did not get streamed on Tuesday, and I will put that online next week. There is always next year.