I think Sarah is absolutely right that we should have updated the conference information page with information about streaming, as I don't think most people not attending the conference would think to look at the wiki. Even if everyone forgot to do it during the conference that's a note to the future to remember to do it during the conference, and I've edited the page at to give the link to the YouTube channel.

And thanks so much video team!

Margaret Heller
Digital Services Librarian
Loyola University Chicago

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> Planning these things is tough work with numerous moving parts. Could 
> it have been posted once we were underway? Perhaps. That said there 
> was 450 odd people who were there none of whom (the author included) 
> thought to send a message on availability of video to this listserv. 
> (I know for certain it was tweeted and re-tweeted)

I see what you are saying. I realize that logistics are tricky. I would have probably missed a mailing list message if it had come last minute. And I wasn't checking Twitter in a timely manner for updates on a conference I wasn't attending and therefore wasn't all that aware of the exact timing of. (Perhaps this is a great time to bump that librarians list to a more visible position in my Twitter feed...)

And I should say that I'm glad that there is video to watch at all and grateful to the volunteer videographers that made it happen.