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MAGIRT is proud to sponsor the
webinar, "Using GeoBlacklight to Implement Your Own Geoportal" on February
19, 2014 at 3 PM EST.

GeoBlacklight is an open-source geospatial
discovery technology which expands the Blacklight search platform into GIS
data holdings. GeoBlacklight is installable in minutes, easily
customizable, and compatible with the Hydra ecosystem ( ). In this webinar, we will (1) demonstrate the
GeoBlacklight technology, (2) define and describe geospatial data holdings,
(3) discuss how you can implement your own Geoportal using GeoBlacklight,
and (4) field questions you may have.

The technology behind GeoBlacklight goes beyond traditional Geoportals to
provide three types of search (text, faceted, and spatial) across a
federated repository of shared geospatial metadata, and a rich data model
designed for preservation and repository management. Stanford started the
development of GeoBlacklight in 2013, and, with MIT and Princeton, released
a beta version in 2014, with a planned 1.0 release in 2015.

Moreover, this effort is an open collaborative project aiming to build off
of the successes of the multi-institutional Blacklight and OpenGeoportal
federated metadata sharing communities ( ).

Registration is $20, or free to MAGIRT members:


Darren Hardy is a GIS Software Engineer at Stanford University, where he
develops open-source geospatial digital library software and services. His
interdisciplinary research focuses on crowd-sourcing geographic
information, geospatial data discovery and management, and spatial effects
on information behaviors. He earned Ph.D. and Masters degrees in
Environmental Science and Management from the University of California,
Santa Barbara, and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the
University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jack Reed is a Geospatial Web Engineer at Stanford University. He works on
increasing access to geospatial data at Stanford University Libraries. A
contributor to open-source software, Jack is active in the GIS, library,
and open-data communities. He also serves on the executive committee of The
International Association for Geoscience Diversity.

Kathleen Weessies
Past-Chair, Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT)
American Library Association
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