Gates Archive has two open positions that may be of interest to the
Code4lib community. We’re hiring a System Administrator and an Application
Developer. Patrick Owens and I will be at Code4lib next week in Portland
and would love to talk to you if you are interested in learning more about
the positions. We’re a small but amazing group that needs a couple of new
technical teammates. If you aren’t going to be in Portland, but are
interested, feel free to email us off list for more information.

Here’s a bit more about us – we take an innovative approach to archives
development and management, integrating processes for born-digital and
analog information. The archive focuses on the preservation of the Gates
family’s personal and philanthropic endeavors including records of the Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation. Here’s a link to an OCLC presentation where I
share some insight into how we work,



*Erin O’Meara*