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Date: Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 1:39 PM
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*Libraries are not only collections of print and digital media, but also
spaces for critical engagement with information, creative and collaborative
work, and preservation of community memory.*

The Radical Librarianship Track invites participants to go beyond the
traditional understanding of the function of libraries. We will explore the
ways that libraries can provide innovative services which facilitate the
development of ideas and practices for strong communities. Participants
will develop strategies for effectively organizing information, media
resources, and library spaces to be more accessible to their communities.

*The Radical Librarianship track seeks proposals for presentations, panel
discussions, and hands-on workshops to be held at the Allied Media
Conference on June 18-21, 2015 in Detroit. *We are looking for presenters
and facilitators who have developed innovative, progressive, and radical
programs both inside and outside the traditional library setting
We are especially interested in sessions that:

   - Challenge traditional library structures, institutions, and
   - Discuss tailoring library services to underserved populations.
   - Explore how libraries can serve as hubs for civic engagement.
   - Highlight how to provide services to a community without imposing
   outsider values and norms.
   - Discuss helping library users transform from consumer to creator.
   - Offer strategies for libraries sustaining communities in crisis.
   - Examine new ways libraries can support community education.
   - Engage participants in developing best practices for grassroots,
   alternative and DIY libraries or archives.
   - Connect with other Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network Gatherings at

Beyond the themes outlined above, if the idea of Radical Librarianship
resonates with you, we want to hear about the work you’re doing!

*Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2015*

*This track is coordinated by Andrea Perez, Westland Public Library; Katie
Dover-Taylor, Westland Public Library; Rachel Thompson, Seraphine

To submit your proposal online, please fill out this form:

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*Heidi Elaine Dowding, MLIS* | @theglobal_lib