Routers and core infra we own outwright, our core has been in operation for well over 5years, we replace servers every 4-6 years, our next major upgrades will take place in 2019 and we expect to be on Windows 10 by 2018 because as of 15 days ago windows 7 is on life support.

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Not in charge but I think MPOW pays some attention to Gartner. The articles seem to map to "hardware refresh" (I tried a couple of different searches).

We're on a 3 year cycle for desktops and laptops - that's when the warranties run out for us.  I wouldn't know about switches, routers, servers. Projectors we replace them when they die or we renovate what they're mounted to.


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Hi - Is anyone responsible for IT refresh cycles in their library? This could be anything from computers to projectors, switches to routers, servers to media players. Looking to see who people turn to for industry standards (within libraries, or within colleges/universities, or the outside world), in researching recommendations and policies.

Brian Rogers