Hi John,

Good question - we're taking in XLS, CSV, JSON, XML, and on a bad day PDF
of varying file sizes, each requiring different transformation and audit
strategies, on both regular and irregular schedules. New batches often
feature schema changes requiring modification to ingest procedures, which
we're trying to automate as much as possible but obviously require a human

Mediawiki is our default choice at the moment, but then I would still be
looking for a good workflow management model for the structure of the wiki,
especially since in my experience wikis are often a graveyard for the best


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> Dave,
> How are you getting the metadata streams? Are they actual stream objects,
> or files, or database dumps, etc?
> As for the tools, I have used a number of the ones you listed below. I
> personally prefer JIRA (and it is free for non-profit). If you are ok if
> editing in wiki syntax I would recommend mediaWiki (it is what powers
> Wikipedia). You could also take a look at continuous deployment
> technologies like Virtual Machines (virtualbox), linux containers (docker),
> and rapid deployment tools (ansible, salt). Of course if you are doing lots
> of code changes you will want to test all of this continually (Jenkins).
> John Scancella
> Library of Congress, OSI
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> Hi all,
> One of my projects involves harvesting, cleaning and transforming steady
> streams of metadata from numerous publishers. It's an infinite loop but
> every cycle can be a little bit or significantly different. Many issue
> tracking tools are designed for a linear progression that ends in
> deployment, not a circular workflow, and I've not hit upon a tool or use
> strategy that really fits.
> The best illustration I've found so far of the type of workflow I'm
> talking about is the DCC Curation Lifecycle Model <
> >
> .
> Here are some things I've tried or thought about trying:
>    - Git comments
>    - Github Issues
>    - MySQL comments
>    - Bash script logs
>    - JIRA
>    - Trac
>    - Trello
>    - Wiki
>    - Unfuddle
>    - Redmine
>    - Zendesk
>    - Request Tracker
>    - Basecamp
>    - Asana
> Thoughts?
> Dave