At the UM libraries, we created a special Blacklight instance for browsing our film collection ( We used a variety of sources to pull in extra data about  films:
SolrMarc scripts to extract data from MARC

Our code is in GitHub ( and may be of use for anyone wanting to get some of this kind of data. One issue we did run into was slow response time/unreliability for our DBpedia SPARQL queries.  

If not directly, I'm sure that you can go from UPC to another identifier that one of these data sources uses. 

Jamie Little
University of Miami Libraries
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Dear Lucas and Code4Libbers:

I've been interested in this, and Linked Data might offer some possibility
around accessing content similar to what IMDB has.  I haven't investigated
yet, but I'd love to hear if anyone has worked with the Linked Movie DB
(which includes the IMDB URL):

In peace,

Amy M. Drayer, MLIS
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> > Does anyone know if there is an API or website out there that can return
> > IMDb ID based on a UPC?
> > Thanks,
> > Lucas
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