... one more comment is that I'm generally disappointed when I go to a digital collections web site and it's not acutally digitized Collections, but more individual items or parts of collections.  So are you suggesting that all the digitized things are making up a Collection?  Or that you've really digitized full collections of material?  Or are you trying to describe Digitized Collection Material?  I like being specific so would want to use the latter term - realizing that it's not catchy.


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And if you are including born-digital material from your library or Archives and special collections, then you'll want to figure out a way to describe those digital collections as well (and as different than digitized physical material).  Digital Archives would not, in my opinion, be considered to be electronic resources.

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> Hi-
> We're having a discussion about some web site labeling and navigation. 
> We have a list of "digital collections" which are collections that 
> contain items we've digitized. There was concern expressed that we 
> have something labeled "digital collections" patrons might think that 
> includes databases and other items.
> Has anyone done user testing around this or have any experience/ideas 
> about how to handle the difference between these?
> Thanks!
> jenn