Hi all,

I'll note that we are using Aeon as a target and because of the need to both request and efficiently read information out of it for this and other systems we're working on an unofficial api interface. Would anyone else ever use something like that?


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Hi Shaun,

Nope, we're not talking about Aeon, just Illiad - and just for Scan & Deliver. We're going to use OpenURL + javascript to populate and submit the Illiad document delivery form without the patron having to interact with it at all.

Special Collections requests will continue to use a combination of our existing LAS paging and existing semi-manual processes. We're focusing on improving the patron experience and simplifying the mediation process.

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> Hi Jennifer,
> Sounds like a great project! When you refer to Illiad, are you talking about Aeon as well?  It's another Atlas product that is basically an adaptation of Illiad with better handling of SC/archival data and workflows. That's what we use for Special Collections requests.
> We've been wanting to interface with it better, but have hit roadblocks in our attempts to improve the user experience because of a lack of API and single sign-on in Atlas products. I haven't looked at them in a while (though coincidentally was planning to next week), so I'd love to know if there are now ways to do this, or if not, how your team is planning on approaching it.
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> On 3/6/15 5:02 PM, J Vine wrote:
>> Steelsen,
>> Maybe related but not quite what you're describing: we're developing a requests application that will interface with a number of different systems, including Illiad, Symphony, and LAS, for fulfilling the requests. Specifically, we are:
>> - adding a Scan & Deliver option for a subset of our materials, for qualified users
>> - providing a single request process for off-campus materials, regardless of where the material is located (currently the user must use vastly different procedures depending on which offsite location the materials are stored at - and a single archive may have materials in 2 or more different locations)
>> It's not a shopping cart model, and specifically doesn't solve the problem of enforcing Special Collections request limits across multiple archives. (In reality, for us, those limits are a little mushy, and all requests with limits are mediated - that is, it's up to the division's public service manager to decide whether an extra box will fit on the truck on Wednesday.)
>> But in case it's useful, here's the current UI design spec:
>> Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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