For convenience, the 2015 plan has been cut and pasted from the NDSA wiki into the message below.

Broadly, a core goal for the year is to explore issues and content-specific challenges outlined in the 2015 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship with a focus on the creators of digital content.

Let us know what you think.  What topics are we missing?   What other perspectives should we seek?  If you can't join the call this morning please share your thoughts by email or add them directly to the NDSA wiki.  Our first set of speakers will present at next month's meeting on April 1.

--Christie & Abbey


2015 Planning
Presentation topics and project ideas
*       Working with Content Creators
*       Refer to CWG Meeting Minutes 9/3/14</extranet/wiki/osi/ndiip/ndsa/index.php?title=Meeting_Minutes_9/3/14> and Meeting minutes 10/1/14</extranet/wiki/osi/ndiip/ndsa/index.php?title=Meeting_minutes_10/1/14>
*       2015 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship<> (taken from "Actionable Recommendations")
*       Section 2.1 Overarching Issues with Digital Content
*       Develop content scans in each area of interest to the community that identify important collections and the efforts to ensure durable access to them
*       Continue to build systematic longitudinal evidence on the practice and context of preservation
*       Extend systematic surveys and scans on organizational capacity and preservation storage practices to guide selection
*       Section 2.2.2 Connection to Creator Community
*       Support the ongoing evaluation of digital collections and their impacts
*       Project idea: 2015 Web Archiving Survey? (following on 2011 and 2013 surveys)
*       Communicate and coordinate collection priority statements at national, regional, and institutional levels
*       Project idea: Create template? Develop survey? How might the CWG support this?
*       Explore privacy issues in born-digital collecting
*       Suggested Speaker: Jean E. Dryden, who teaches Society of American Archivists Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) course on this topic
*       Develop further understanding and proficiency in the tools researchers want to interact with digital collections
*       Connect with the communities across commercial, nonprofit, private, and public sectors that create digital content to leverage their incentives to preserve
*       Suggested Speaker: Participant in Dodging the Memory Hole: Saving Born-digital News Content<>
*       Section 2.3 Content-Specific Challenges
*       2.3.1 Scientific Data Sets
*       CWG Project Ideas
*       Suggested Speakers/Topics for Presentations
*       2.3.2 Web and Social Media
*       CWG Project Ideas
*       Guidance for web site creators (a team will meet next to begin work on a one-page guidance document for creators)
*       Content Case study on web archiving rapidly changing events
*       Suggested Speakers/Topics for Presentations
*       2.3.3 Software Preservation
*       CWG Project Ideas
*       Suggested Speakers/Topics for Presentations
*       2.3.4 Moving Image and Recorded Sound
*       CWG Project Ideas
*       Suggested Speakers/Topics for Presentations
*       2.3.5 Electronic Records (of businesses, organizations, and government)
*       CWG Project Ideas
*       Suggested Speakers/Topics for Presentations
*       Glen McAninch, University of Kentucky (before May 1)
*       National Archives and Records Administration on relations with records creators
*       Web Archiving Survey</extranet/wiki/osi/ndiip/ndsa/index.php?title=Web_Archiving_Survey>
*       support collaborative web archiving projects
*       policy development for archiving social media
*       Content Case Studies</extranet/wiki/osi/ndiip/ndsa/index.php?title=Content_Case_Studies>
*       Other suggestions/ideas
*       "Older-data-rescue" outreach
*       Furthering work to understand stakeholders (creative and visual artists mentioned specifically)
*       Cross Content Team projects related to born-digital news preservation
*       Content Interview Series
*       See previous posts at
*       Other suggestions/ideas
*       Continue/Restart member presentations

From: Moffatt, Christie (NIH/NLM) [E]
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2015 2:57 PM
To: The NDSA Content working group list
Subject: NDSA Content Working Group meeting, March. 4 at 11 a.m. EST

Dear Content Working Group,

Based on our last Content Working Group meeting on February 4, we have drafted a plan for topics and speakers for 2015 (or at least the first part) that we'd like to discuss at our next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, March 4 at 11 AM EST.   We hope that you can join us and provide your input so we can focus on the topics of most interest to the group.

*       Notes that will guide our discussion are on the wiki  (, please look over the notes and come to the call with your comments and additions.
*       Our goal for the Wednesday meeting is to schedule the next 4-5 months of calls and related projects.

Call information and meeting agenda are below.  We look forward to the conversation!

Christie and Abbey

Participant call-in instructions
1.      Go to
2.      Enter your name in the text box
3.      Click the "Enter Room" button
4.      Dial 877-299-5123 for audio

1.      Welcome, interim co-chair introduction
2.      2015 planning
a.      Review notes from wiki, gather feedback
b.      Sketch out next 4-5 months of calls and related deliverables.
3.      Member announcements

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