Hi all,

For our March call, we’ll continue exploring Part 2 of our topic – issues, challenges and solutions for cataloging AV collections.


We'll excited to hear from John Spencer, BMS/Chace, Lisa Snider, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and Casey Davis, WGBH/American Archive. 


Call-in info and agenda below for Monday, March 16th is below. Hope everyone can make it!





== Adobe Connect online meeting information ==

*             Go to https://locosi.adobeconnect.com/digitalpreservation

*             Enter your full name and institution in the text box

*             Click the "Enter" Room button

*             Select to let the conference system call you and enter your number -- OR -- Dial 877-299-5123 for audio


Meeting Agenda

·         Administrivia (New member introductions, call for note taker)

·         Announcements and Project Updates

o   Archiving Email Symposium - June 2 and 3

o   Video Survey Update - blog post

·         Issues, challenges and solutions for cataloging AV collection Pt 2

o   Casey Davis, WGBH/American Archive project:  Report of the PBCore RDF Ontology Hackathon

o   Lisa Snider, Canadian Museum for Human Rights: building new archive, bilingual collections, AV preservation and access with accessibility for people with disabilities.

o   John Spencer, BMS/Chace: risk to video materials (mainly born-digital) and how they are not being handled properly

·         Ideas for Future topics??

o   Levels of DP

o   2015 NDSA National Agenda

o   Other?

·         Wrap-up

o   Next call - April 20 1-2 pm