At least with PDF, folks know what to expect, so I suggest that if format
is of the utmost importance, you stick to that, although since you are
originating in InDesign, you might also want to look into using one of the
tools such as in5 that are available to generate HTML5 directly.


On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Sergio Letuche <[log in to unmask]>

> Dear all,
> we have a pdf, that is taken from a to be printed pdf, full of tables. The
> text is split in two columns. How would you suggest we uploaded this pdf to
> the web? We would like to keep the structure, and split each section taken
> from the table of contents as a page, but also keep the format, and if
> possible, serve the content both in an html view, and in a pdf view, based
> on the preference of the user.
> Looking forward for your input.
> The document is made with Indesign CS6, and i do not know in which format i
> could transform it into
> Best

Cary Gordon
The Cherry Hill Company