Hi all,
Over the past year, we have explored different topics of interest to the group - preserving digital art, identifying challenges to preserving digital video, showcasing cataloging tools for A/V content and email preservation. Given our all of our good work this year and in past years, we thought it might be a good opportunity to take stock and showcase our project and activities.

This year, iPres 2015 ( will be held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in early November. We'd like to take this opportunity of an international conference venue being close to home and propose a poster on the work of the NDSA Standards and Practices Working Group to iPRES.

Our main agenda item on this month's call will be to brainstorm on a poster proposal. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the activities and projects of the working group to help shape the proposal.

Call-in info and agenda below for Monday, April 20, 1 pm eastern. Hope everyone can make it!


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