Just a side note: I'd be very leery of using Textedit.  No offense meant to
Jason, but Textedit supports (and, unlss configured, defaults) to RTF for
files it creates, which won't work for HTML/CSS.

If you're on 10.6.8, Textwrangler's current version works, as does
SublimeText 2.  If you have money to throw at the problem, BBEdit does have
substantial web-related stuff added on to TextWrangler, and may have an
educational discount.

- Dave

On Sat, May 16, 2015 at 5:07 PM, Joe Hourcle <[log in to unmask]>

> On Sat, 16 May 2015, Nathan Rogers wrote:
>  If you do not need all the bells and whistles I would recommend
>> TextWrangler. Free versions should still be available online and its bigger
>> brother BBEdit is overkill for basic web editing.
> Actually, the significant difference between TextWrangler and BBEdit is
> that BBEdits has a number of features that are specifically for web design,
> that don't exist in TextWrangler.
> Looking at the version of BBEdit 9.1 that I have installed, the majority
> of it is in the 'Markup' menu:
> * Close current tag / Balance tags
> * Check syntax
> * Check links
> * Check accessibility
> * Cleaners for GoLive/PageMill/HomePage/DreamWeaver
> * Convert to HTML / XHTML
> * Menu items to insert tags (which then give what attributes are allowed)
> * Menu item to insert CSS
> * Preview in ... (gives a list of installed web browsers)
> ...
> That said, TextWrangler is still a good free editor -- and I personally
> rarely ever use the insert tags/CSS items (as I've been writing HTML for
> ... crap ... I feel old ... 20+ years).
> But to say that BBEdit is overkill for web editing is just wrong -- the
> majority of the feature differences are *specifically* for web editing.
> -Joe
> (disclaimer: for a decade or so, I was a beta tester for BareBones.  I
> haven't been using the latest-and-greatest version in a while, as I prefer
> not to install newer version of MacOSX on my personal systems ...
> basically, since Apple decided to bring all of the iOS annoyances into the
> desktop.  As such, I can't install BBEdit 10 or 11 to see what the
> difference are in more recent versions)
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>> Subject: [CODE4LIB] free html editors
>> I just this minute subscribed to this list after reading Andromeda
>> Yelton's column in American Libraries from yesterday with great interest
>> since I would like to teach coding in my high school library next year.
>> I purchased Andy Harris' HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies for my
>> summer reading and the free HTML editors he mentions in the book are either
>> not really free or are not compatible with my lab's 2008 Macs.
>> Can anyone recommend a free HTML editor for older Macs?
>> Many thanks and happy to be on this list,
>> Patricia
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