Note that library hours is one of the possible bits of information that 
could be encoded as RDFa in the library web site, thus making it 
possible to derive library hours directly from the listing of hours on 
the web site rather than keeping a separate list. does have 
the elements such that hours can be encoded. This would mean that hours 
could show in the display of the library's catalog entry on Google, 
Yahoo and Bing. Being available directly through the search engines 
might be sufficient, not necessitating creating yet-another-database for 
that data. uses a restaurant as its opening hours example, but much of 
the data would be the same for a library:

<div vocab="" typeof="Restaurant">
   <span property="name">GreatFood</span>
   <div property="aggregateRating"  typeof="AggregateRating">
     <span property="ratingValue">4</span> stars -
     based on <span property="reviewCount">250</span> reviews
   <div property="address"  typeof="PostalAddress">
     <span property="streetAddress">1901 Lemur Ave</span>
     <span property="addressLocality">Sunnyvale</span>,
     <span property="addressRegion">CA</span> <span 
   <span property="telephone">(408) 714-1489</span>
   <a property="url" href=""></a>
   <meta property="openingHours" content="Mo-Sa 11:00-14:30">Mon-Sat 
11am - 2:30pm
   <meta property="openingHours" content="Mo-Th 17:00-21:30">Mon-Thu 5pm 
- 9:30pm
   <meta property="openingHours" content="Fr-Sa 17:00-22:00">Fri-Sat 5pm 
- 10:00pm
   <span property="servesCuisine">
     Middle Eastern
   <span property="servesCuisine">
   Price Range: <span property="priceRange">$$</span>
   Takes Reservations: Yes

It seems to me that using would get more bang for the buck -- 
it would get into the search engines and could also be aggregated into 
whatever database is needed. As we've seen with OCLC, having a separate 
listing is likely to mean that the data will be out of date.


On 5/5/15 2:19 PM, nitin arora wrote:
> I can't see they distinguished between public libraries and other types on
> their campaign page.
> They say " all libraries" as far as I can see.
> So I suppose then that this is true for "all libraries":
> "Libraries offer a space anyone can enter, where money isn't exchanged, and
> documentation doesn't have to be shown."
> Who knew fines and library/student-IDs were a thing of the past?
> The only data sets I can find where they got the 17,000 number is for
> public libraries:
> Maybe I missed something.
> There is an hours field on one of the CSVs I downloaded, etc for 2012 data
> (the most recent I could find).
> Asking 10k for something targeted for completion in June and without a
> grasp on what types of libraries there are and how volatile the hours
> information is (especially in crisis) ...
> Sounds naive at best, sketchy at worst.
> The "flexible funding" button says "this campaign will receive all funds
> raised even if it does not reach its goals".
> "The value of these places for youth cannot be underestimated."
> So is the value of a quick buck ...
> On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 4:53 PM, McCanna, Terran <
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>> I'm not at all surprised that this doesn't already exist, and even if
>> OCLC's was available, I'd be willing to bet it was out of date.
>> Public library hours, especially in underfunded areas, may fluctuate
>> depending on funding cycles, seasons (whether school is in or out), etc.,
>> not to mention closing/reopening/moving because of old buildings that need
>> to be updated. We have around 280 locations in our consortium and we have
>> to rely on self-reporting to find out if their hours change. We certainly
>> don't have staff time to check every one of their web sites on regular
>> basis, I can't imagine keeping track of 17,000!
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>> Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] Library Hours
>> OCLC has an institutional registry [1], which had (in part) library hours,
>> addresses, and so forth.  It seems to be unavailable, though [2].  That is
>> the only systematic collection of library hours data that I know about.
>> Peter
>> [1]
>> [2]
>>> On May 5, 2015, at 4:16 PM, Bigwood, David <[log in to unmask]>
>> wrote:
>>> This looks like a decent group, but I find this statement hard to
>> believe.
>>> "Your tax-deductible donation supports adding the names, address and the
>> hours of operation of all libraries to Range. The Institute of Museum and
>> Library Services publishes an open data catalog which is the source we'll
>> use for the names and the addresses of the nation's libraries. However,
>> there isn't a listing of the days and hours of operation for all libraries
>> in the US. We are going to track down the hours of operation for all 17,000
>> libraries and make that information available -- in Range and for other
>> developers who may want to use it."
>>> Are the hours of public libraries really not available?
>>> Sincerely,
>>> David Bigwood
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