This year, code4libMW is being hosted in Columbus, July 23rd and 24.  Per
usual, the conference is open to anyone to attend.  We have space dedicated
for 50-60 attendees (historically -- it looks like ~30-45 attend), but if
there is a great deal of interest, we can probably find more space.

An initial schedule is starting to come together, but as with all things
C4L related -- I see the schedule as a guideline.  At this point, I'm
starting to reach out individually -- but if you are in the Midwest,
planning to attend, and would like to present -- let me know know (or add
it to the wiki -- we
will try and find a home for as many sessions as possible.

We'll also be doing a workshop the first day -- specifically focusing on
aspects of text mining/visualizations.

If you have questions -- let me know.