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Bibframe is a vocabulary which will enable the description of Works and their Instances - for the purpose of this conversation a Bibframe Instance approximates to a FRBR Manifestation.

The kind of service you describe would be one built upon such data.  It could be a specific ISBN to Work id lookup tool or it could be a general query tool such as a SPARQL server.  So the capability is there once the data [encoded using the Bibframe vocabulary] is available in sufficient quantity to make such a service viable.

If you are looking for unique Work identifiers (URIs) for related manifestations - there are approximately 200 million of them available from  Currently the best way to get one is by using the OCLC Number associated with your manifestation.

As Peter points out you can get more information here:

If you want to capture the exampleOfWork through code, the Linked Data description of a manifestation is available in several serialisation forms,
not just html.   So for example gets
you html gives you Turtle, gives you JSON, gives you RDF/XML and gives you triples any of which you can parse to extract the exampleOfWork value from.


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> Thanks - I didn't know about it.
> Cindy
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> Maybe not 'the Bibframe way', but i guess the only existing service 
> for that now would be the Worldcat Work description
> see:
> orldcat-work-entity.en.html
> Peter
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> I am fairly uninformed, but my understanding is that Bibframe is 
> designed to allow distinguishing between work and manifestation as in 
> FRBR.  Will there be some resource that we can send an ISBN for the 
> manifestation, and get back a permanent unique identifier for the work? (I hope I've got my
> FRBR concepts straight)?   And if not now, when?  I'm in the
> thougt-experiment phase of planning a dataset that would be based on 
> works, and looking for a good identifier for it.
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