>> However, the digitizing agency cannot dictate any copyright 
>>restrictions on the digitized copies once released to the public

The digital objects have not, and as far as I understand, cannot be made available to the public if digitized as part of the google books digitization project.  Most institutions got very limited use, and generally these were tied to their specific, immediate, communities.  Though, with that said each institution has slightly different terms.  For what it's worth, the research center does not make the digital copies available for download -- it provides tools for working with data in aggregate (worksets) and provides a proof of concept environment demonstrating the feasibility of creating a secured data repository with I believe the long-term goal of providing data mining for the entire hathitrust resources (both within and outside of the public domain).  But even as it stands now, the tool has become a fantastic teaching tool when talking to instructors and graduate students looking for large data sets to work with, that also includes some pretty interesting research algorithms for working with the data.  


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Thanks Eric for posting the webinar in the other thread.

I am pretty sure that digitizing something in the public domain does not change its copyright status, at least in the U.S. The digitizing agency certainly has the right to sell, restrict access, watermark, or even keep the scans locked up on a thumb drive in a closet. They are not obligated to share or to provide the digital files in a re-usable format. However, the digitizing agency cannot dictate any copyright restrictions on the digitized copies once released to the public.

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